Family Connections Program

CAPC (Community Action Program for Children) is a comprehensive program which focuses on improving health and development outcomes for children aged 0-6.

In cooperation with the provinces and territories, CAPC programs are funded through the Public Health Agency of Canada. CAPC operates under a mandate to provide programs and service delivery for children and their caregivers who are living in conditions of risk. In general, CAPC projects focus on five key groups:

  1. Children
  2. Parents
  3. Families
  4. Communities
  5. Community Service Networks

More specifically, CAPC targets children living in low-income families, children living in families led by a teenage parent, children who live with developmental delays or social, emotional, or behavioural problems, and children who have experienced abuse or neglect. CAPC programming places strong emphasis on community input and direction, ensuring that all CAPC programs meet the needs of the children, families, and communities they are serving.