Domestic Violence Community Liaison Program

The Domestic Violence Community Liaison Worker (DVCLW) has been providing services in partnership with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) since September 2016 to individuals and families who have been affected by domestic violence.

The primary goal of the Program is to provide women with support to reach their goals and to be successful in creating safety for their family.   In addition, the worker offers assistance, referrals, safety planning, eligibility determination for services, linking clients and families to those services, and advocacy for clients to access other community services, including accompaniment.

When safe and appropriate, the worker in coordination with the MCFD social worker, will provide services to offenders as part of the family involvement.

Along with direct services for clients, the DVCLW will establish groups, work collaboratively with the domestic violence sector, enhance the current program resources, facilitate workshops and remain up-to-date on current resources for those impacted by domestic violence.


The DVCLW receives referrals from MCFD social workers whose cases involve domestic violence.  In consultation with the MCFD social worker, referrals will also be considered from internal Elizabeth Fry programs where clients are receiving services.