Abuse and violence against women in relationships is a powerful social force. A full picture of the lives of women in Canada and around the world cannot be formed without including the many issues surrounding abuse and violence against women. There are many kinds of abuse, including sexual, spiritual, cultural, physical, verbal, financial, psychological and emotional abuse. And there are many ways that abuse and violence against women can be perpetrated. Violence can come from an intimate partner, a family member or an authority figure (e.g. teachers, police officers, doctors or employers), and affects individuals from every socioeconomic class, from children to seniors. Abuse can also come from strangers but it is far less common.

There are many terms that are used to refer to violence against women: woman abuse, abuse, domestic violence, partner violence, impacts of abuse, trauma, etc.

Violence against women is a major public health issue. There are of course the physical injuries associated with abuse. Domestic violence is the most common cause of nonfatal injury to women in North America. But beyond these injuries there are a surprising number of physical and mental disorders that are the result of abuse. For example, in the vast majority of cases of mental illness and substance use among women, research indicates that violence precedes these conditions; thus, 50% of women in psychiatric settings have been sexually abused as children.

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Witnessing abuse in the family has a significant and traumatic effect on children. Children can suffer from anxiety, depression, a loss of self-esteem, emotional trauma, and even a reduced ability to trust. These and other problems can then have a negative affect on the way they perform in school, and their ability to connect to their friends or with family members.

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