Human trafficking exists in many communities

Human trafficking is a hidden crime which exploits adults, youth, women and men, from all walks of life, in labour and in the sex trade. Prince George and northern British Columbia are not immune. Human trafficking exists in all communities. Victims can be trafficked internationally or they can be Canadian citizens.


The month of July, 2015 was human trafficking awareness month in Prince George

The Prince George and District Elizabeth Fry Society, RCMP Victim Services and The Office to Combat Trafficking in Person’s, have partnered to promote human trafficking awareness in the community. Throughout this month, CKPG will be airing a television commercial, the Drive and the River will be airing a series of radio commercials and live interviews, and BC Transit will be promoting awareness with a series of youth related posters.

Public service ads

“Coercion and violence are happening right here in our community…”

“Human trafficking has claimed 21 million victims globally…”

“Eight in ten sexual offences against youth are committed by someone known to them…”

Stand up, Speak up and Take the shutters off

Human trafficking is an act of human slavery, which, due to its clandestine nature, often goes unreported. We, as a community, are working to increase awareness about this gross violation of human rights. In partnership with RCMP Victim Services, the Prince George and District Elizabeth Fry Society provides support to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, Partnerships

The four P’s of Human Trafficking serve as the fundamental international framework used by Canada and worldwide to help combat this form of modern day slavery:

Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, Partnerships

For more information

Contact our Human Trafficking Coordinator.

Contact us to speak to a Victim Service’s support worker.